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A Human Coach
Right With You

KASI puts the most sophisticated artificial intelligence coach in your ear, coaching you while you run. Already have a human coach? KASI is the world’s first coaching app that enables your coach to observe your workouts from a remote location and coach you in real time, even without being in person.

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 iPhone & sync with Apple Watch

Android & sync with Garmin Watch

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Innovative Run Coaching

An innovative technology that interprets your biometrics while you run and delivers precise artificial intelligence and human coaching in your ear.


What If

we told you there is a 

better way to train...

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...with a coach right there with you, teaching, motivating, and inspiring you? Imagine the clarity and control you can have over your workouts and performance.


Using specific biometrics collected during your workouts, KASI is the closest thing to a human coach, analyzing your workout data in real time during your workouts and coaching you in your ear while you run.


Coaching is not merely the act of writing a training program and emailing it to you. Anyone can do that. Coaching is teaching. And those coachable moments often occur during workouts, not before or after. Being a teacher means creating the environment for learning in addition to doling out the lessons. What better time for that learning environment than during your workouts? KASI coaches you during your workouts so you can train smarter, transforming you into a better and faster runner.

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Pricing Plans

For Athletes

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Audio coaching during workouts

Access to training programs and workouts

Access to workout data and summary



1 month


12 months

For Coaches

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Transmission of athletes’ workout data in real time

Real-time audio coaching during athletes’ workouts

Access to coach’s dashboard


Text communication with athletes


Access to training programs and workouts


Access to athletes’ workout data and summary


1 month


6 months


12 months

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5K-10K Training Program

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Half-Marathon & Marathon Training Program

Menstrual Cycle Training Program

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Runner Strength Training Program

Train with your Coach, Anytime, Anywhere !

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& Garmin Watch

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iPhone & Apple Watch

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